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We are a facebook group created for the sole purpose of uniting similar minds in the further appreciation of comicdom in its totality. Moreover our intention is to delve deeper into the complexity of fictional characters and the diverse ways they impact our imagination and us as people.

We discuss, dissect and formulate intriguing debates about the comicverse as well as comic-based movies, electronic game of various genres and comic news in addition to movie adaptations and anime. We contribute knowledgeable feedback to all comments, views and opinions thereby enlightening all readers to the awesomeness that is, COMICS.

C.A.T is a growing group and we are here to educate the public that being intrigued by exquisitely drawn figures and being captivated by well written story lines doesn't make you a “geek”, its makes you part of a team.

Damian, Skaar and Daken …..sons of three of the most well known heroes in comic industry ( Batman, Hulk and Wolverine respectively). Are they destined to rule the earth after their fathers have died? will they take up the mantle and fight the good fight? or will they try to tear down want their fathers have tried so hard up hold any chance they get? 

At this point Damian is trying to do the right thing somewhat by becoming Robin and assisting in his father’s crusade against crime. However he still has that assassin’s mentality and would kill where his father would not. 

Daken has proven that he is the total opposite to Wolverine and he is willing to do what it takes to end his father. No father/son bonding has gotten through to him but his goals are clear, destroy his father and build an empire unheard of. 

Skaar came to earth to kill his father for the death of his mother and the destruction caused on his home world. Giving the chance and the resources Skaar would have destroyed the earth to achieve his goals however he has taken to the side of good (for now).

These three are just examples of the children some heroes produce that can make this world a better place or bring it to it’s knees.

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